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George Kennan

Known as the "father of containment" during the Cold War

Douglas McArthur

General on the Pacific front during WWII. Fired during Korean War.

Dean Acheson

Secretary of State over Lend Lease, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, NATO, and the World Bank. One of the main "architects" behind the Cold War.

Yalta Conference

Meeting in which FDR, Stalin, and Churchill met to plan for the post-war era.

McCarran Internal Security Act

Forced communists to register with the government, and prohibited them from working for the government. A response to the Korean War.

Atomic Energy Commission

Conducted the US's research of the atom bomb.

Fair Deal

Truman's call for better housing, higher wages, and full employment. Only a housing act (1949) and a new social security act (1950) came of it.

John Foster Dulles

Eisenhower's Secratary of State, who called for massive retaliation